About the Artist

Katy Poirier creates work that reflects her perception of the world around her. By taking inspiration from her home landscape in North Western Ontario and personal histories shared by her relatives, Katy’s drawing practice focuses on documenting memories and the lingering effects of loss; while her ceramic sculptures deal with human ties to the natural world, individual emotion, and interpersonal relationships.


In her ceramic practice, Katy explores themes of emotion and transformation. Many of her works have a human aspect in order to create a point for consideration and empathy between the viewer and the work. 


In her drawing process, Katy experiments with fumage (drawing with candle flame), as well as crafting her own drawing tools and materials. She holds an interest in abandoned items that have been reclaimed by nature and memories almost forgotten, which she reflects in her content. The sensation that there is too much, something missing, and the complexities of grief inform her subject matter.